My name is Stephanie, I’m a Kansas City area artist and mama to two sweet little boys. I have a true passion for child rearing and homeschooling my preschool age boys. My focus is on peaceful parenting and nurturing a strong bond between myself, my husband and our children.

When it comes to homeschooling, I am strongly influenced by Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio and Charlotte Mason modes of education. I’ve been unable to find a curriculum that I feel fulfills our needs, so I’ve sought to create my own!

I am guided by the interest of my own children so most of my products and guides are geared toward them. We enjoy nature, so much of our time is spent outside in our own back yard, biking or hiking the local trails or visiting our local zoos, natural history museums and nature reserves.

I’ve found play to be so important to young children’s development, so our homeschool is flexible and gentle. We tend to put play and nature first so if the weather is nice, we’re outside. I’ve been amazed what my boys have learned with just a few focused hours a week.

We’ve really enjoyed creating unit studies based around things they are interested in. As we explore a subject, I develop themed educational activities focused on important areas of study such as letter work, language development and pre-math.

I’m so pleased to be able to share what has worked well for us, with you! Each unit study includes products I’ve created using my own artwork. As an artist, it’s so important to me that the materials we use are beautiful! I also provide an extensive activity guide, book lists and suggested supplemental materials.

Although my children are preschool age, many of the products I provide can be adapted to be used for older students or even as classroom art. My products can be purchased individually or as a bundle. I also offer many free products!

Check back often as I’m always developing new products and working on new lesson plans for our homeschool!

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