Upper and Lowercase Block Letter Printable Sheets

As we explore a letter, I like to print off one of these pages with the giant block letters for my preschooler to fill with objects that begin with that letter. As he fills up the letter we work on sounding out the letter.

This is a creative way to explore the alphabet with your little learners! This is a great opportunity for sensory play. I like to incorporate some tools as a way to work on fine motor skills.

Below I've included a list of objects you could use for each letter. The possibilities really are endless, you could use so many things you have on hand. I've also included links to Amazon for some of our favorites.

You could laminate them for longevity and use them over and over again. Once laminated they're great to use as play doh mats or to trace with a dry erase marker.

Have you child paste the items to the page and create an alphabet book or simply print them off and have the student color or paint them as they'd like!

Click here to download your own copy of the Upper and Lowercase Block Letter Printable Sheets


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The Letter A: acorns, apple stickers, animal figurines

The Letter B: buttons, beans, butterfly stickers, beads

The Letter C: crayons, cat stickers or figurines, cookies, cars

The Letter D: dimes, dinosaurs, dog stickers or figurines

The Letter E: Easter egg stickers, egg shells

The Letter F: fall leaves, flowers, feathers, fingerprints, fruit stickers

The Letter G: grapes, gems (rhinestones), glitter, grass

The Letter H: heart stickers or stamps, hexagons (cut out of paper)

The Letter I: insect figurines, instrument stickers or figurines, ice cream stickers

The Letter J: jacks, jelly beans, jack-o-lantern stickers

The Letter K: keys

The Letter L: LEGO, leaves

The Letter M: musical notes, macaroni, moon stickers

The Letter N: nickles, numbers

The Letter O: ovals (cut from paper), ocean animals

The Letter P: pom poms, pennies, paperclip, play doh, pretzels

The Letter Q: quarters, q-tips

The Letter R: rocks, ribbon, raspberries

The Letter S: sea shells, squares (cut out of paper), snowflake embellishments, star stickers

The Letter T: triangles (cut of of paper), toy trains, toy trucks

The Letter U: unicorn stickers, umbrella stickers

The Letter V: vehicle stickers, vegetable figures

The Letter W: walnuts, wood sticks or slices

The Letter X: x-ray stickers, letter X stamps or stickers

The Letter Y: yarn, things that are yellow

The Letter Z: zebra stripe washi tape, zoo animal figurines

 ***This post contains affiliate links***