Black Walnut Unit Study Bundle

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Black Walnut Unit Study Bundle

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The eastern black walnut is one of the most valuable and beautiful native trees in North America. Though their fruit can be difficult to husk, they payoff is worth it! I hope this mini unit study inspires you to enjoy this wonderful tree and appreciate it's delicious fruit. Remember, there is so much beauty to be discovered in our own backyards!

My unit studies are designed to work for preschool age all the way up to the elementary ages, they can even be adapted for older students. The info cards are written in simple language so you can read them aloud to younger students and your reading students can read them aloud or independently. Older students can use the info cards for copy work or to write a report in their own words. Students of all ages can use the artwork as inspiration for their own artwork and diagrams. I've included some fun letters and writing practice for preschool and early elementary age student to help keep them busy while you read aloud or while your older students work.

The 12 page PDF includes:
Course Material/Teacher Guide
Black Walnut Poster
Anatomy of a Black Walnut Poster
Eastern Black Walnut Fact 5x7 Card
Black Walnut Tree 5x7 Fact Card
How to Harvest Black Walnuts 5x7 Card
Fruit of an Eastern Black Walnut 5x7 Print
W is for Walnut Block Letters
Walnut Writing Practice

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