Morel Mushroom Unit Study Bundle

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Morel Mushroom Unit Study Bundle

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Morel mushrooms a distinctive fungi that has a honeycomb appearance due to the ridges and pits of the cap. Though it does not have the most appetizing appearance, morels are considered choice edible mushrooms. Morels are prized for their delicious flavor and for the joy of the hunt. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where morels grow, you know morel-hunting is often a family tradition spanning generations, many keep their morel hunting spots top secret! Remember, there is so much beauty to be discovered in our own backyards!

The 14 page PDF includes:
Course Material/Teacher Guide
Morel Mushroom Poster
Anatomy of a Morel Poster
Morel Poster and Mushroom Life Cycle 5x7 Cards
Mushroom Life Cycle
False Morel Identification Info
Morel Mushroom Fact Card
True vs False Card
M is for Mushroom Block Letters
Mushroom Writing Practice

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