Moon Phases Unit Study

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The moon is a fascinating subject of study for all ages. My Phases of the Moon science unit explores the phases of the moon, facts about the moon's surface, as well as the moon's roll in life on Earth.

As with all the unit studies I curate, this mini curriculum is very hands-on. Students are encouraged to observe the moon in the sky, read about the moon in a variety books, use the course materials to teach as well as reinforce what we’ve learned and of course, create lovely artwork featuring our fascinating subject matter.

Here's what you'll receive:

The 37 page PDF includes a curriculum guide, 10+ printable activities, an activity guide, book list and an additional resource list.

Phases of the Moon Posters

I've included 3 different posters; moon phases with labels, without labels and moon phases in relation to the sun and Earth.

Flash Cards

Eight simple flashcards featuring illustrations of the phases of the moon.

Three-Part Cards

Three-part cards are a staple in the Montessori classroom. They are used to build vocabulary, enrich language and are the foundation of learning classification, reading, writing, culture, geography and art.

Info Cards and Sheet

Eight information cards that have some quick facts about moon and describes the moon phases. I've also included an information sheet that has some interesting facts and quick information about the moon.

Cut and Paste Worksheet

Simply cut out the pictures of each moon phase and paste them in the correct position of the blank moon phase diagram. These images are great to cut out in a variety of different projects!

Color in the Moon Phases

Use the Blank Moon Phase Diagram to color in the moon phases. You can use a variety of art supplies, depending on your child's skill level.

Oreo Moon Phases

Help your child learn to identify the phases of the moon with this popular and fun activity. I've created a worksheet specifically designed for Oreo cookies.

Matching Worksheet

Match the picture with the correct stage of the moon phase by drawing a line between the picture and correct word.

M is for Moon Block Letters

A hands-on way to learn the alphabet! We use these all the time in our homeschool classroom. Check out my post on block letters for inspiration!

Writing Practice

Eight simple writing practice worksheets featuring the moon phases.

The Moon Observation Journal

Print multiple pages for your students to draw and write down what they observe. Staple the pages together or put in a binder to complete your journal.

I’ve really done all the work for you! Not only have I provided you with beautiful and engaging printables, I’ve also included a book list, suggested materials and documentaries as well as an activity guide. I’ve used what I’ve learned from studying the principals of Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emelia and Charlotte Mason to guide me as I created this unit study.

I’ve been very pleased with the progress my preschooler has made and I’m so happy to be sharing this with you!

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